Kids & Teens Krav Maga in Woburn

About Kids & Teens Krav Maga Classes In Boston

Our Kids & Teens Krav Maga program runs throughout the school year and is divided into two semesters each comprising of fifteen classes. The next semester starts on Saturday 16th of Septemeber and runs to Saturday January 27th 2024. Classes are 45 minutes in length and run on Saturday mornings between 10:15 AM and 11 AM, and are suitable for children and teenagers from 6 to 17 years old.

Our Kids/Teens Krav Maga programs (for ages 6-17), are aimed at equipping kids and teens with personal safety and self-defense skills that will allow them to safely navigate and deal with the situations that they may find themselves in. Classes are taught in a fun and friendly manner and the material that is presented is done so in a non-sensational manner. This Krav Maga program is designed to be age appropriate, and so certain parts of the program such as joint locks etc., are not taught to younger children who might not fully understand the potential ramifications of applying them.

Our instructor team, while maintaining discipline makes sure that each class is fun and enjoyable and that those attending come away with a feeling of accomplishment and success. We teach real martial arts and self-defense skills using games and drills that can help your child improve their general and everyday physical skills e.g. balance, movement, co-ordination, reflexes, etc. Our Kids Krav Maga Program runs at the same time as our teens, allowing for older brothers and sisters to train at the same time as their younger siblings. It also means that as a parent/guardian you don't have to alter the time(s) when your child takes classes as they get older. Classes are taught to the group as a whole as well as split into ages/levels when needed, to address the concerns and realities of different ages. (A reality-based self-defense system must take into account the reality of the population it seeks to educate, rather than just water-down an adult system). Our classes are split into two semesters which roughly follow the school calendar, with a break for summer vacation: childrensign up for each semester (15 classes),

The cost of a Semester is $270 (15 Classes). You can register your child and/or teen to take the first class in the semester for $25. If after the first class they decide that they don't want to continue, you can cancel the next payment of $245. To sign up use the form below.