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Head Instructor: Gershon Ben Keren (5th Dan)

Welcome To Krav Maga Yashir Woburn

Krav Maga Woburn

Welcome to Krav Maga Yashir Woburn! Krav Maga is the hand-to-hand, close combat system of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), which was designed to get an untrained, new recruit combat ready in the shortest possible time. It does this by using a specific training methodology, which teaches techniques and solutions in various combinations and groups, replicating and reinforcing key movements, to enhance muscle memory. Techniques are also designed to reflect, instinctive movements that we perform naturally when attacked e.g., we naturally flinch, bringing our hands up to protect our heads, when our eyes detect fast movements; rather than fight against this startle reflex, Krav Maga works with it and builds on it to make its blocks etc. Just as the IDF uses Krav Maga to prepare its recruits for dealing with violence in the shortest possible time, at Krav Maga Woburn we take the same approach, preparing our students in the most efficient way, so that they learn how to respond and deal with the situations they may face as quickly as possible.

The Krav Maga that we teach comes directly from Israel and is taught by 5th Degree Black Belt, Gershon Ben Keren, who has been training in Krav Maga since 1993. Gershon has written three Amazon Best-Selling Books on Krav Maga (published by Tuttle Press), and in 2010 he was inducted into the Museum of Israeli Martial Arts in Herzliya, Israel, by Dr Dennis Hanover. Our classes teach solutions to all types of violence, including both unarmaed and armed attacks/threats, involving single and multiple assailants, when standing, when seated and when on the ground etc. If you are interested in learning first hand what authentic Israeli Krav Maga is, you can sign up for one of our beginner classes,using the button below. If you would like to watch a series of short videos explaining why Krav Maga is so effective, you can do so by clicking here.

Beginner Classes

I have been taking classes at Krav Maga Yashir for the last two months. Gershon is a terrific instructor that combines real world situation instruction with the psychology behind the solutions. The training environment is top notch, and the other students are terrific training partners. I highly recommend Krav Maga Yashir. Dan B.
Great school if your looking to learn from one of the best Krav Maga Instructors in the USA. Then look no further from Gershon, his classes are dynamic, and the instruction is excellent. highly recommend. P Drinkell.

As well as teaching students how to deal with real-life confrontations, instruction is also given how to predict, prevent and avoid violent incidents. Head Instructor, Gershon Ben Keren,has been working in the security industry since 1990, and uses his first-hand experiences of violence as part of the teaching process. He also holds two master's degrees: one in Criminology and Criminal Psychology, and a second in Psychology. The Krav Maga Yashir program is one that uses academic research to ensure that the training provided is evidentially based and the real-life violent situations and scenarios that are presented contain the components and details that accurately reflect how violent events occur.

Krav Maga Books By Gershon Ben Keren

Krav Maga Yashir Woburn, Head Instructor, Gershon Ben Keren has written three books on Krav Maga. To learn more about the subject matter and techniques/solutions contained in them, and the way the techniques were photographed, click on a book cover.

Gershon Ben Keren Google Author Talks

Gershon Ben Keren is one of only a few authors to be invited back to do a second Google Author Talk. The first talk looks at the processes that predatory offenders use to gain access to those they victimize, whilst the second looks at dealing with social/spontaneous violence using deescalation and conflict resolution.